This LED panel is an efficient and economical alternative to fluorescent modular fittings.45-watt panel produces a warm white light with an output of 3600 lumens.

LED lights last longer, require less maintenance and use less energy which concludes in long term savings. Our panels come with a compatible driver so there are no additional costs to worry about.

These panels are perfect for areas where a constant light is required. Main areas of utilization are in schools, hallways, shops, hotels, offices, hospitals and other commercial areas.

Hazardous old fluorescent tubes have mercury inside which has harmful effects on human health but also to the environment. By changing to LED panels, you are eliminating those risks and not just benefiting from cost savings but also helping the environment.

LED Panel 45W 600x600mm 3000K Warm White

  • LEDPANEL-600X600-45W-830