45-watt Gen 3 LED corn light is a perfect replacement for Metal-halidale and Sodium-vapour lamps. E40 cap is used for basic and easy installation. This lamp has an output of 4320 lumens and offers a DAYLIGHT colour output.

GEN 3 lamps can be used in open and enclosed luminaries, thanks to the aluminium heatsink which is used to disperse heat instead of a fan. This achieves a much better result in terms of average lamp life compared to the previous versions where the fan used to fail causing the lamp to overheat and fail too.

This 45w corn LED is an ideal replacement for;

80w MBFU mercury vapour lamps

75w Metal halide lamp

70w High pressure sodium lamp

300w General lamp shade


Important information: GEN 3 LED lamps operate directly from the mains supply they do not require any control gear. If your current light source operates using a ballast and ignitor this will need to be bypassed.

LED Corn Light 45W 860 GES 6500K GEN3